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Dario The Dog


the Olde English Bulldog


I never realized how much a pup can make you a family but it certainly happened with this magical guy. Having admired the work of William Wegman and his Weimys for years I've been having a great time taking portraits of the newest addition to our family. Sure the floors need cleaning a little more often but he's worth it. Here's a collection of portraits to admire and items to shop dedicated to the sweet life with pets!

Although we are ready for the garden around here in March, the truth is we still have a couple of months before we can really dig in. So indoor projects like baking new treats for Dario and indoor play dates with his new friends are a couple ways we keep this little guy happy when he can't be outdoors as much as he'd like to be. 


Dario's Lucky Charms Recipe

Recipe for Dario's Lucky Charm Treats
1 c. Pinto Beans and Rice Cooked
4 Carrots Cooked
2 stalks of Celery Cooked
1 Onion Cooked
1 Chipotle Pepper
4-6 cups of Flour (depending on how many treats you want)
The inspiration? Like many who grew up in the 70's I ate plenty of Lucky Charms as a kid. Maybe Mom thought they would bring me good luck.  I think she was right!
The taste? Think taco in a biscuit and they are edible for your pup's human pals too! To see what Dario thinks, watch the video on this page. lol
Mash cooked ingredients add flour, roll out dough, use your favorite cookie cutters for shapes and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Any leftover dough gets rolled into breadstick shapes and cut to stuff his beloved Kong toy with treats!
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