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Travel Our Way

Italy: Little by Little will provide you with some insight to our laid-back travel style.

We like to discover as we go, keep our travel plans loose while keeping a few destinations in mind. At this stage of our lives, we choose a place as home base and day trip. Now that we have made Arkansas our home, we have an interest in seeing more of Italy and Europe.

 We like the ability to cook if possible and to discover food that is fresh and readily available in the region.

Finding a great place for nature discoveries, farm markets, local eateries and other "must sees" keep us moving along and learning while we travel in search of Italian inspired culture and fun-filled days to explore wherever we are!


Next stop

A scrumptious platter of seafood at Le Tre Sorrelle in Positano Italy
Visiting outdoor markets for local cheese and meats in Tuscany Italy
Pascollas visit an outdoor cafe in Tuscany
Cooking is just one of the benefits of renting a home when traveling.

New York City

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