About Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla

I'm a dreamer, believer and doer. Creative projects keep me inspired and honestly they keep me going and growing. Whether in a home, garden, or closet if there is creativity involved I just absolutely seem to enjoy the process. 

  • The mission:  Bringing beauty into the world.

  • The goal: Sustainable. Easy on the eyes and easy on the earth I like to say.

  • The Projects: Functional and beautiful.

  • Best Business Advice: Win-Win

​I've had the pleasure of teaming up with fabulously creative folks such as Tracy Porter of Poetic Wanderlust and Sarah Willett of Patina Vie (formerly of Tracy Porter Inc.)  and working with various Fortune 500 companies such as Lands' End, Sears Holdings, Crate and Barrel, The Limited Express for most of my 30 plus career. I've had book excerpts featured in Good Housekeeping and stores featured in Victoria magazine and PR work featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, People and the first issue of O Magazine. Now working with the latest team of creative folks at Anthropologie takes the cake!


Whether it's been styling a photo shoot, producing a catalog, writing a book, starting a garden or redecorating my home its all been done with incredible pleasure and dedication. Work, even hard work can be like play when you truly enjoy what you do.


I believe that being creative is a fantastic start, skill level can often be learned but the right amount of determination and an outstanding team with a positive attitude and the willingness to develop will truly make all the difference.

- Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla