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The Sweet life

Amore - What  is this unexplainable emotion? It can push you to visit new destinations.  Do things you had never thought of doing. For us, its been an adventure and a journey of dreaming big. We've discovered a new way of life; its a push and pull sometimes and a flow at others. Its forgiveness, passion, hard work and dedication, it is deep understanding, it is finding the special moments, writing the love notes and dancing in the kitchen in between the dishes, the laundry, the cooking and mundane maintaining of everyday life. Keeping the romance alive in the midst of real-life responsibilities and obligations is an artform in itself. It's the quiet of a cozy candlelit night at home, a roaring fire, the beauty of the garden, an evening walk hand in hand and leash in hand, a Sunday drive and an afternoon nap.  A warm embrace.

For us, it's always the simple pleasures. The Sweet Life/ La Vida Dulce/ La Dolce Vita!

Bringing Beauty Into the World

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