Little By Little Magazine - Spring 2021 Moving On

Welcome to Spring! We are trying something new for this issue. Our e-zine will start coming to you courtesy of our blog. Still filled with lovely and Inspiring photos, recipes and content but without the download. We hope you enjoy this new format and find it to be a more seamless experience. Please let us know what you think. A visual preview of our Table of Contents. Moving On is the top of mind topic as well as a statement with so many meanings. A physical move, letting go of the past, a relationship or a job; perhaps you are switching topics, careers or location. However this phrase resonates with you; we know it is with us on many levels this month. If you haven’t contemplated moving on perhaps you will after this issue. Wherever this month’s theme takes you we hope you enjoy the ride! Little By Little Magazine comes to you in full bloom now. If you are craving some culture be sure to indulge in art, books and music mentions. If you haven’t seen Loving Vincent (2017) it is the story of Vincent Van Gogh’s life recreated in 65,000 paintings created in his style. An outstanding creative feat that took 5 years to complete and resulted in a truly magnificent masterpiece. If you‘d like to see more Van Gogh be sure to check out Loving Vincent - The Impossible Dream a behind the scenes look at the making of this brilliant film and the Art Institute of Chicago’s Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. Missing live music? Michael has been getting his fill watching musicians play a variety of genres on Norm’s Rare Guitars- I’m particularly loving the Spanish guitar segments.

For bookish- a something old, something new selection but with one key thing in common: MUST READ.

Meditation Moment- In the backyard, in the flickering of a flame, on a walk or at home. Find your space even if it's the video here.

Writing is something I’ve done since I was a kid- starting with a journal and evolving to fictional stories in grade school. I’ve kept (and moved) these journals for 50 years thinking they will make for some amusement in my Golden years. Years ago I read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and her ritual of starting her day by writing Morning Pages seemed like a process I wanted to try. While I haven’t been completely dedicated I have picked it up again recently and am amazed at the way it aids me in processing emotions and improves (I hope) my ability to stay more balanced and not displace negative emotions. With all of the focus on our emotional well-being during this pandemic it is a simple practice with a noticeable and powerful impact. Quest.on is an app that helps one avoid the anxiety of a blank page by stimulating writing topics by providing questions for reflection. As the writer you choose from a variety of categories such as career, emotions, spiritualit, etc. I am fortunate that the blank page and canvas have never paralyzed me but I have heard this from artists and writers I have known and studied.