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Little by Little

Orchid Still Life.JPEG

Homegrown Style

The Garden update, propagating has begun ,orchids and bulbs are blooming, ,brassica seeds planted, fruit trees blossoming. Roses and figs have been pruned.

Yes, it's all happening now.

First picnic of the year signals that spring has sprung here in Arkansas. Another way to get the sunshine into our lives again.

Buon Appetito

My new favorite linen and cotton towels are black- for practicality and beauty they don't show the inevitable messiness of kitchen duties.

Michael at ABC Carpet & Home, our first trip to NY

A Tuscan wedding right outside our window in Montefollonico, Italy. The most impromptu and beautiful wedding I've ever had the pleasure to witness and capture.


Back To Nature

Opening the windows for the very first time of the year and hearing the birdsong and allowing fresh air into the house is annual ritual that reminds us its time to get back to nature in more ways than we have over the past few months.

Simplicity, Necessity, Domesticity

Roadtrips & Destinations

New York City

Discovering the special one-of-a-kind places in NYC was our way of finding the "small town" in The Big Apple.

There is a time to be still and there is a time to spring forth.


March - Still Life

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