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Happy New Year!

2018 seemed to pass in the blink of an eye or a wink depending on your mood. For us there were many incredible endeavors: Little by Little Magazine, our community garden chock full of organically grown heirloom vegetables , assembling the new green house which I can hardly wait to put to use this Spring, Mike acquiring his new albeit vintage '76 Triumph TR6 rag top and of course embarking on a visit to Lake Como where days stretched out ahead of us and we lingered one very delicious day at a time. Rich in silks and history that Lake Como is known for; I was so grateful to deeper explore the country of our ancestors, take in the architecture, art and I think most especially the expansive gardens. With each passing year I seem to hone in on that which is truly important to me and the mainstays and constants are what draw me nearest and dearest this year. This time of year the contemplation is of what I would do with more time, and for me I would travel more, garden more as an artful expression, simplicity and healthful goodness. Although like Joanna Gaines, I too am a homebody at heart I find myself needing less space as I grow older (and hopefully wiser) and am learning the lessons of "less is more" in this lifetime. As our extended family grows up, I find that I am gathering them around me at home less as they evolve to exploring their independent freedom time. And while I will always savor those memories, I am oh so delighted to hear of their new conquests and brave adventures when the opportunity presents itself. For Michael and I as a couple there are naturally differences in the less is more theme, while I am simplifying; he is ready for a slight expansion of home and most of all in the garage. This year Michael is focused on transforming the TR6 into an even more roadworthy ride by updating the transmission so it can swiftly carry us to our next destination in vintage style. Although I adore the home we have now, I've moved on enough not to become emotionally attached or refer to it as my forever home. If this year brings a new move for us I will be at peace with the compromise that we are both getting what we need and want out of our unique brand of domestic bliss. I already know that I will find satisfaction in the creative process of setting up a new home. Whether I am camping or at home there is always a nesting process that fulfills me- this is one of the constants. I've set up many a humble abode in my lifetime: 100 year old farmhouses, duplex's, apartments, lofts, historic homes, even mobile homes, and a tent that I called home for 31 days in August one year. For me it goes beyond the look of the home, I really need to get to the heart and art of the living. Meaning the real rather than the imagined life that will be lived there- I ask myself what is it you and Michael will be doing in this space and how is it that you want to be doing it? Thinking thru the everyday rituals of living and how we can make them special and beautiful in simple ways. Candles in the morning, a closet that delights you, a desk that inspires you to write, a project table that begs to be used, a bathroom that beckons you to linger in the luxurious tub of bubbles scented with roses and lavender. Dreaming of the garden that will fill our home with armloads of fresh flowers that lift the spirit and steal your heart and the delicious food that you will grow organically to nourish your body and fill you with positive energy and life force. Getting out in nature is a definite resolution for 2019, I miss that connection in a way that spurs me on to change it, moving the garden to our home this year will bring new delights to our backyard experience, getting back to a daily yoga practice is a welcome reset for me personally and slow moments in the kitchen and at the table with loved ones will be savored. Visiting and reconnecting with creative couples who inspire us and our travel destination will ignite the adventurous aspects of our life and I look forward to each one as much for the human connection of friendship as for the takeaways I know will be forthcoming. I'm trying to be better about noticing how we can improve the day to day and light up our experiences in a way that allows us to gaze back and smile with the full awareness that we know what it means to be well-loved and have a grasp on a life that is and was well-lived. So let's first reflect and then embark together on the new that 2019 brings and embrace that which we can refresh, re-imagine and reinvent within our means. Humbly and peacefully yours,

Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla

Reflect on 2018, Refresh, Reinvent, Re-imagine  2019

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