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June 2022 Issue Little by Little Magazine - Best Foot Forward


Means so many things to so many, when something is pure, quiet or seems to be in the flow of life, caught in the moment those are some of the awareness sensors for me. Being in nature is almost an absolute, playing with Dario is another, arranging flowers, painting with watercolors, garden projects all seem to have the effect on me. Do you know when your clarity comes? I wrote this next passage a while back and it was interesting to reread it and feel that it still holds true today. It has become my wellness message to myself. What does your wellness message say?

It has not been without notice that I think about all the powers of healing that exist- touch, art, beauty, writing, creativity, silence, nature just to name a few. To return to some of those rituals for me is healthy, along with meditation and self-care. I know I am better for it. Self-worth is an important aspect of this life; I feel at peace in my life now although this is a new feeling of victory for me. Something I have worked on all of my life and that is just now sneaking up on me. It seems to be saying "You have done this work, you now get to reap the benefits of peace, of not having to be a savior but still being of service. “

It is good not to have a need to rescue anyone. I love the environment that I am in and the life that I am living now. While I know there is somewhere left to go, I am in no hurry of it. You understand how to make or get or grow what need. Live in a space of joy. It's ok. Let go of guilt. It's ok. Let go of past mistakes. It's ok. Let go of people who no longer bring positive energy to your life. Be empowered by knowing you can and do make a difference even if in some small ways. Above all for yourself. You know what to do and how to be unstoppable. you have tried and succeeded, you have tried and failed; its ok simple learn from it. Don't feel the need to hide from it instead accept your whole life and its many twists and turns. Know that the detours have both made you whole and taken you back to the path that is meant for you. Be still in the belief and doing of things that hold importance for you. Mostly forgive those who have not treated you well, fairly or with respect. Understand their shortcomings and move thru the world in the way that you know is best for you- eat what you need to, exercise, sleep well, drink less alcohol, drink more water, do yoga, get a massage, work doing what you love , travel where you must, be with those you love and love you, make new friends but above all be your own best friend. Think positively, live fully. Spend time in nature and in solitude and in nature. Have fun, love life, stay healthy, make space for you. You deserve the best of everything that life has to offer.

In the Garage - Since it's all about Dad's day this month it seemed fitting that a recent visit to a local car museum would be part of this issue. Mike's new lift definitely makes the cut as well since it's been a very long time coming.

I can remember visiting McCormick Place as a child with my family to view the latest and sometime futuristic automobiles that were to come out on the market. Recently we happened upon an antique car museum (near Petit Jean State Park) that we thought worthy of discovering. Once inside we learned that Winthrop Rockefeller founded the Museum of Automobiles on October 18 in 1964 and it is open every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day. Here's a peek at what we saw at this unique and unexpectedly located auto museum.

Road trips & Destinations

*Happy Camper Succulent Garden from Kroger

Franklin, Tennessee

It became obvious to us by just taking a look at the license plates lining the streets of Franklin that it has become a destination for tourists from around the country and as far reaching as Canada. The fact that folks wish to take a vacation in the small towns of America does my heart good. A Main Street town can make the transition from an economy lost to river trade transport or a rerouted highway to becoming an urban dweller escape and really what better way to recharge than in a much sleepier town than the city you currently live in?

Rooted from Yarrow Acres

I can recall rock shops from various towns and even in places I've lived but this was the first true plant boutique (other than an outdoor nursery or garden center where everything goes) that I've seen. The displays reminded me of an old fashioned apothecary and while herbs and remedies were not necessarily the focus the concept was pure plant material.

Mellow Mushroom

For a family night out in Franklin Tennessee with Dario we found the Mellow Mushroom pizzeria equipped with outdoor cafe and pet friendly. The wait staff couldn't have been more accommodating bringing Dario water and stepping over him while he sprawled out on the concrete to cool from the sweltering summer (in springtime) heat. On certain nights of the week and when weather permits musicians set up in the roundabout to play live music to the patrons and passersby. More Summer Sounds

A couple of our favorites: Getz & Gilberto has a feel good Summer tropical vibe and Rodrigo y Gabriela for a Latin Flamenco style acoustic guitar sound.

For more to do in Franklin TN


DIY- transforming paintings into wall decor using wallpaper samples. Balancing artwork that is hung too high on the wall. I recently decided it would be helpful to relocate a full length mirror from our living room into an entry into our bedroom so we can get a quick peek before we head out the door. A good idea in theory but one that left the living room art hung with that mirror in place looking too high on the wall,

Moss Mountain Farm in Roland Arkansas


P. Allen Smith Home Tour


Fancy Things

Homegrown Style

P. Allen Smith Garden Tour

What's Blooming Now?

The first blushing bloom of Eden roses in our garden. Be sure to click on the rose above for P. Allen Smith’s blog post on Summer Rose Care.

Magnolia, Eden Roses, Bougainvillea, Gardenia, Figs

Cooking Per Tutti-Lunch Hour

Menu Idea -

Smoked Mozzarella with Boar’s Head Picante Turkey Fresh Campari Tomato & homegrown Basil Panini

Salmon Salad with kale rapini and mustard greens & grape tomatoes in dijon balsami, potatoes, kalamata olives & capers

Grilled Veggies with sautéed garden greens (bell peppers, onion, potatoes & Brussels Sprouts)

Fruit Salad- pear, apple, cherry, strawberry & watermelon

Beverage-Strawberry, Mint, Watermelon Lemonade

Finding a Little Italy in Little Rock

It was right around Michael's birthday when I saw a sign about an Arkansas Italian festival in Little Rock. I thought this was perfect timing to explore something new and since Michael and I have been to Little Italy in New York and in San Diego I thought we should give the local effort a try. We ended up meeting some lovely folks who share our passion for all that Italy has to offer, attended a sauce cookoff, watched local kids stomp grapes and tried out some of the food vendors (of course!). We tried meatballs, calzones and pizza. Here are few new places on our list: RADUNO Brick Oven & Bar Room at 1318 S. Main Street in Little Rock

and Vino's Pizza Pub & Brewery at 923 W. 7th Street in Little Rock.

Family Hour - Congrats Grad- Go on move to the head of the class

Outrageously Practical Style

Boutique windows of J. Jill at MidTowne & The Promenade at Chenal in Little Rock, Arkansas interpreted in watercolor.

June starts the season to live in linen which I do for 2 reasons, first is because it calms the cool of southern humidity and second because it reminds me of being in Italy. You’ve heard of music and scents transporting you in your imagination to a place you’ve been before? Well for me this concept includes fabrics. Silk reminds me of Milan as much as linen reminds me of Italy.

Here’s my go to for linen: J Jill A favorite beach town in Italy is Positano and J Jill gets it with their Amalfi colored clothing collection that has us ready for a chaise lounge, beachy waves and sandals that kick right off your feet.

Dario The Dog

Oatmeal Bath/Aloe & Coconut Oil Conditioning Treatment/ Apple Spray

Outing: While we love taking Dario out to car shows, shopping at pet friendly stores, for a hike and for the farm market and festivals; every once in a while, we come across a dog friendly outdoor patio at a local restaurant where we can have a family dinner out. Recently I noticed that Tzaziki's outdoor patio has a pet friendly sign so we will put it on our list to visit this Summer.

Back to Nature

Sometimes we enjoy working in the garden and when the day and dinner are done we often find ourselves relaxing with a garden related documentary which inspires us to move on with our projects. Here are a couple we found in May that we thought were worth a share.

Tuscan Style - Like A Rock

Whether it's an outdoor fireplace or stonework in the backyard; it's a good idea to have a local stone resource for outdoor projects. Our recent visit to Folsom Mulch in Benton Arkansas turned out to be a great find for landscape resources.

DIY Interiors

- transforming paintings into wall decor using wall paper samples. Balancing artwork that is hung too high on the wall. I recently decided it would be helpful to relocate a full length mirror from our living room into an entry into our bedroom so we can get a quick peek before we head out the door. A good idea in theory but one that left the living room art hung with that mirror in place looking too high on the wall,

By adding 3 new pieces of homemade wall decor I created some balance and symmetry on the wall.

Adding some grasses from our yard and later plants from our porch completed the decor.

Domesticity Simplicity Necessity

We were due for a Summer stock up so I headed over to Kroger where I can find so many of the plant-based and all- natural products that keep our household humming along like the busy bees we are. Simple Truth is a brand that specializes in organic, non GMO food and plant based products Lavender & Honey & Almond Castile Soaps, Fisher’s clover Raw & Unfiltered Honey which is local to Arkansans, Murthy’s Oil Soap for cleaning our floors, Essentials oils from Northridge Oak for concocting all natural bug repellent for the garden and ourselves, Goat’s milk soaps from Zum Bar, Thompson’s Organic Raisins, Dr. Teal’s Essential Oil based Eucalyptus & Spearmint shampoo & conditioner.

All About Berries

In an effort to keep us in nature’s sugar aka fresh fruits I invested in 3 fruit trees this year to go along with Michael’s Calamondin & various fig, apple, plum & pear trees. Blackberry, red raspberry & blueberry bushes will join the garden party. Who’s Making the Arrangements?

Votive holders make tiny Bud vases for pansies, Eden roses & Bougainvillea.

Michael’s bed side table is filled with pansies, crystals and a rosary.

Magnolias bloom for such a short time every year- each individual bloom might last a full week on the tree if you are extremely lucky. When they really start to explode from bud to flower, I take careful watch and reserve a few select blooms to enjoy indoors. Last year blossoms graced our kitchen table for all of 4 days, fleeting beauty as they say. This year I have added a couple enormous flowers to our mantle and occasionally set them at the desk where I pound away at the keyboard when inspiration strikes. The expression heaven scent comes to mind.

Eucalyptus branches and a single blush colored Eden rose refresh the coffee table this week.


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