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Cooking Per Tutti

Cooking it all begins with a seed. There is just something about starting a garden from scratch and something so sustainable about starting it from seed. Why don’t we teach more about this in schools or at home. Feeding ourselves is our life force and we truly are what we eat. I think is the real reason I desire to create a cookbook. I like to see my people thrive and I know what we put into our bodies has so much to do with this outcome. I also like the idea that everyone has a right to clean water and excellent food. We all have more control over this than some industries would like us to know but the time is right to take matters into our own hands while helping our health and the planet. This is what the simple life truly means to me, it’s the good life for so many reasons but it is not without its challenges. There is hard work involved but what reward comes to us without it? I was on a plane ride home from Italy watching a video on the health benefits to organic gardening especially later in life and well it all just made so much sense to me. From the colors to the healing to the nutritional eating and exercise I just knew in my heart this is how I wanted to live as much of my life as possible. And It’s a way to share a passion and philosophy for living happily and simply with others through my publishing and social media endeavors. This cookbook is the result of many gardens I’ve tended to over the years some have been mine, those of friends and even institutions. Many years ago when I lived on a 40 acre Farmette Iearned about raising animals.

Positano inspired the beach life and as Summer has a way of doing- a menu packed with fish, salads, fresh fish, fruits and veggies.

Seafood pasta dishes are another of Mike‘s specialties. I couldn’t be more delighted to be on the receiving end of these meals.

Traditional dishes are prepared often in our home and Michael leads this charge. In Tuscany, we enjoy eating the local fare and at home we’ve spent some time making our share of the American and Italian traditional meals.


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