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What’s LOVE got to do with it? Everything.

There’s more than a bit of truth to this lyric no matter what the topic. And so close to Valentines Day, I think about the gifts of love and how they begin in a loving family and the positive seeds that can be planted. It’s the love that will bloom and grow and nurture them and others throughout their lifetime. I’ve read that the best leaders are those who have been well loved. I have to believe there is truth to this statement. Call me an old fashioned romantic but I would like to see our young people grow up being more comfortable with seeing an image of two people showing affection in a loving embrace or holding hands than they are currently with seeing things or people blow up or apart. I believe that music, imagery, art, environment have the ability to shape us and influence us. If we can choose kindness over ruthlessness, hope over doom, cooperation before competition, simplicity before greed,to nurture rather than destroy, we all win. Allow beauty to inspire our society in a positive direction rather than the gruesome and violent culture portrayed on our screens. This February I choose to see the good and feel the Love for the future.



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