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When you find your dream house...

Although we love our current home and neighborhood and feel quite grateful to be here we keep our eyes open for a home that fills the original list of criteria we made for our dream house. When we settled in here in Arlington Heights, we weren't looking for a new home anymore and we were always looking if you know what I mean. With on-line sites it is easy to search around and see what you can find. We were on a timeline on finding this house and the one that met everything on our wish list just didn't appear so we did what most would, we started to make compromises and we found a house that met the majority of our needs and we have been very happy here. Recently I found the house that is the one that meets ALL of the criteria in a way that we didn't know could be possible. So we discussed, budgeted, poked holes in the idea and came up roses thinking that yes indeed we can make this happen. We imagined the integrity of the new house, the space for fruit trees, a garden, the flowers and a bigger garage and pond for Michael. Reinvention was all there for the yes, the Arlington Heights house is on the market and if you are interested; you can find the listing at


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