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3's Company Party

Every so often I come across a fabulous blog and truly find inspiration in the lovely work that someone else is doing. Athena Calderone's Eye-Swoon is one, you really must check out her cookbook, Beautiful. It truly delivers on it's title. Another blog I've recently happened upon is Camille Styles and it charms me every time I visit as it reminds me of the kinds of entertaining and photo projects I was doing in my 30's with kindred spirits like she is with her own crew. Sure everyone develops their own style and hones their own aesthetic but the happy spirit and positive message remains the same.

After a recent visit to Camille Style's site, I was inspired to host a 3's Company Party. The concept is intended to bring couples together and ask that they all bring along one friend to a destination or someone's home where everyone can mix and mingle and with any luck meet some new friends. Michael and I have seen some of our own friends go to a single status at mid life and later and have experienced this ourselves so I thought this would be a fun and easy going way to bring friends out together for companionship without any pressure.

In the spirit of Good Friday and the goodness we know is still out there is in the world, I'm celebrating those at Camille Styles today, who like my friends at Anthro are doing one fabulous job of bringing beauty into the world everyday and helping us to celebrate it to boot! Happy Easter!

A lovely concept for couples to bring friends together to meet other friends.

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