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A new year holds the promise of a new you and all that your imagination has in store. A clean slate, a blank canvas for a fresh start and so the story goes but for me, not before taking the time for a bit of reflection. I'm a believer that it's never too late to start fresh or over if the need arises. And c'mon at this stage of life we all know it happens to the best of us! I say "Carry on!" I'm beginning this year with some newness. A new role at Anthro and its my year to choose the new vacation destination. With new goals ahead for both my professional and personal life, I thought a look back would be the best way to begin looking ahead. After the flurry of the bustling holidays, I decided that going through each room and cleansing (figuratively and literally) just might be in order. I began with my home office which was on my disgruntled list under the "definitely needs improvement" category. I removed everything in the room to get to the blank canvas and to rethink how I would set up the furnishings in the space. The end result was more breathing room and function based not only on my needs but also my wants. Even when I was single and had a house to myself I bought in to the "room of one's own" approach but now that I'm hitched I see it in a whole new light. An office intended to be a creative haven was just falling short and I knew the cold Winter days would bring the right opportunity to prevail and set things right. Aesthetically the space improved as well by simply arranging my home office things with easy access in an enclosed closet rather than hopelessly cluttering up my desk (which is actually and fittingly I thought a dining table large enough for projects and cooking up new schemes!) All this space made room for a few pretty and sensual touches: Anthro candles (of course!) and vases filled with flowers. Finishing the first room gave me the motivation (and mojo) to tackle the kitchen which is the most well equipped and hardest working room in our home. Since we both love to cook It is without a doubt where most of the action takes place around here! Whatever your reflection reveals and wherever your action takes place; here's to your own fruitful, healthy and happy 2018! 

I'm not one to dwell or spend too much time looking back but at the beginning of a new year I find it productive and helpful to ponder the past year and ask some pertinent questions. What's working? What's not? How can I change it or make improvements? Where am I headed this year? What will the year ahead look like and why? 

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