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The Assignment:

Probably one of the most challenging design projects I've ever attempted as the owners desperately needed to sell in the midst of the economic downturn. The owner had previously paid off the home located in a rural area but after a partnership failed needed to move on and try to sell in the toughest economy seen since the Great Depression.  I was all too familiar with rural living and the realities of return on investment and the sluggish timeline to sell. Mike and I agreed that at that point in our lives we had more time on our hands than money and due to the fact that we needed a place to live we took it all on.

The Rules:


Get the property ready to show with no budget for build out and without incurring any debt.  Yep, you read that correctly...NO BUDGET.


Why would I take on a project such as this?

There was only one reason and it was simple. It was a labor of love.

Because the property belonged to my future husband and I was at that point, "all in" as they say. The house I had never stepped foot in before I moved in turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I rolled up my sleeves,  got to work and truly realized my knack for making a house a home.


Although my vision for the property went much further, the end result was still a smashing success and a testament to my determination in the face of adversity and belief in myself as a design talent. I re-learned some amazing lessons about what is possible when you don't have a major budget to throw at a house project and how you can be more creative when necessary. It is true that in the end we broke down and invested in landscapers and painters to freshen up the curb appeal but at that point we were in the home stretch and after 5 years were finally ready for sale. Thanks to Connie and Bob Scott for all their help with the actual sale of the home and a special thanks to Bob and his artistic eye for helping us to create the landscape curb appeal we could only have dreamed of!

Please check out Bob Scott's exquisite artwork via the link in the Scapes section of this site!

To contact realtor Connie Scott please click on the green Finito! button at the top of this page.

Deborah and Michael Pascolla's completed home.


Michael and Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla's home before their practical improvements.
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