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Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla brings the outdoors in from the garden.

What is a stylist?

Simply put it is the detail artist that brings essence of you into your home whether through an intimate knowing of your personality and life loves.


A stylist brings the human element into the room, adds life, in some cases the stylist adds the story to your home.


Adding a color and a smattering of pattern and in other cases a stylist takes away the clutter and showcases the purity of design that is meant to inspire.


Sometimes a stylist is taking away and other times adding essential layers.

How will I know if my room needs styling?

This is a terrific question and one that provoked me to share the two photos above neither version is wrong or right its is simply a matter of taste and determining which room feels best to you.

How do I know if my home needs new decor?

A stylist can assess with her client what is really desired here and whether a rearrange of existing pieces and decor is needed or whether the client is ready for new furnishings altogether.

How do I pick a stylist that is right for me?

Of course, talent, referrals, skill and experience can all be a part of the process but I do believe there are a few deeper layers to ensure the best outcome and experience.

First, consider a meeting to get a feel for personality and their individual style. Consider that you may be spending some time with this person and you really do want to enjoy a process that is meant to be fun and on your own time!

Second, Can you identify with and relate to their own lifestyle at home? If their style tends to be more formal or much more casual than you like to live the end result may not be as compatible. And on the contrary choose someone who can push your boundaries if you think that's what you need.


Italy: Little by Little Stylist

Welcome In

I've created this website to reflect my style so you can gain insight about how I've evolved and helped others evolve the way they live at home.  My hope is that seeing what appeals to me will give you a better idea as to whether I am the right stylist for you.

The 4 slides below show the living space in our former home in transition.

We are so excited to be  heading to a brand new space that we know will take us to a whole new level in terms of beautiful design with natural materials that sets the tone for our own casual and comfortable haven that is home.

Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla helps a living room "grow up".
From This
Living Room refresh by Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla
To This
Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla, home decor stylist declutters a space with paint and chalk.
Deborah Hernandez-Pascolla, home decor stylist refreshes a living room for Spring.
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