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Dario is our Olde English Bulldog and trusty companion. He's been such a good boy from the day we brought him home that we can hardly believe it. Sure there are moments when he's still learning and we are too but when we think back to how inexperienced we were with our first dogs; we are definitely grateful for our well mannered and friendly little buddy.

Anything is possible little by little.

Ciao! If you are new to our site you may not know our story, Michael and I married 7 years ago and in that time we have crossed the ocean together 5 times to spend time in a country that is beloved to us both for its beauty and as our shared heritage. Now more than ever we are grateful for the time we were able to spend there and stay hopeful for the day we can return.

Life at home in the good ol' US of A is a constant combination of harmony and hilarity. Come take a look and you'll see what I mean.

We downsized a few years ago and our simpler life of creating a home and organic

garden are meaningful to us. We've been known to get involved with our local community garden and no doubt we both enjoy cooking and eating a tasty dish.  When we do make time to explore away from home we typically find a lovely airbnb (our homes away from home). When we aren't in Italy; we are likely looking for a special place that regular folks like us can retire in the US.  Mike has a serious passion for tinkering on classic cars and motorcycles. When they are on the road; Deb captures new locales for road trips and destinations featured in her self-published Little By Little Magazine. This year we've added a YouTube channel at Italy: Little By Little and we hope you'll tune in often!

Ciao! Deborah & Michael

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